Architectural Design, Drawings and Specifications

Property Design and Draw Services: Design


First and foremost, we engage with our clients and listen carefully to any practical and aesthetic requirements they may have before we begin the design process. Our architectural and building surveyor team work closely together during the initial stages of a project and with over 25 years experience within their respective fields, are able to produce design options which not only meet our clients aspirations but will also comply with planning and building regulations.

Property Design and Draw services: Planning Application

Planning Applications

Extensions, as well as loft/garage conversions generally require either a standard planning application or in the case of permitted development, an application for a certificate of lawful development. Our extensive knowledge of planning and permitted development regulations enables us to advise clients of the best way to achieve approval. Our plans are prepared using CAD software and are submitted via the online planning portal, as recommended by local planning authorities. If your project involves Internal alterations and remodelling only, then planning permission is not usually required, although building regulations will still need to be complied with.

Property Design and Draw Services: Building Regulations / Structural Calculations

Building Regulations Approval/Structural Calculations

As well as preparing and submitting planning applications for extension and loft conversion projects, we also prepare the associated building regulation and structural specifications. As part of our building regulations specification, we can also complete any sewer build over agreements which may be required. It’s worth noting that in relation to extension projects, building regulations impose limits on the amount of glass which can be incorporated into the design. By using building control recognised software to prepare a heat loss loss calculation sheet, we ensure that where required, the extension glazing allowance is utilised to it’s maximum.

Property Design and Draw Services: Construction Specifications

Additional Specifications

During the construction process works subject to building regulations approval will be inspected at certain stages by a building control surveyor to ensure compliance.
However, there may be other key areas within a project not subject to building regulations/inspection. The construction materials used in some of these areas can affect the likelihood of defects arising in the future.
If required, we can provide a detailed specification ensuring builders quote for supplying materials which we know offer the best outcome and longevity for your project.

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Examples of key areas are:
Roof Coverings, particularly flat roofs
Modern flat roof coverings such as single ply membrane have superseded traditional felt and are guaranteed to last longer.
Wall/floorboards used within bathrooms prior to tiling.
Alternative boards and panels are now available which are superior to plywood or plasterboard, providing far more water resistance and durability.
Property Design and Draw Services: Pre-purchase feasibility Survey

Pre-Purchase Feasibility Survey

If you are thinking of buying a property, we offer a pre-purchase feasibility service.
In some instances we can determine the likely outcome of a potential planning application from looking at the property online. Where we feel there is not enough information available, we can visit the property, liaising with the estate agent if required.

Property Design and Draw services: Planning Application

Property Reconfiguration

The majority of internal alterations do not require planning approval. However, there are many home improvements and alterations which are subject to building regulation approval. These include projects such as load bearing wall removal or the addition of a new utility room. As well as preparing and submitting planning/building regulations drawings for extensions and loft conversions, we also provide specifications and calculations for more minor home improvement projects ensuring all works comply with the relevant building regulations. Once the works are complete, the homeowner will be issued with a completion certificate by building control, something they will be asked to provide should they wish to sell their property in the future.