How much will it cost to prepare a project for the renovation stage?

Our fee to discuss design options, produce plans and submit for planning approval are typically £625 – £795 for a single storey extension of loft conversion.

Associated building regulations and structural specifications would generally be £550 – £750 depending on the extent of the structural alterations. 

Where plans for an extension and loft conversion are prepared simultaneously, our combined fee would be in the region of £975 – £1300

How long does it take to obtain planning approval for an extension or loft conversion?

 Once we have carried out a full, measured survey it usually takes around 2 weeks to produce plans and submit them for approval. From that point the planning authority generally take 8 – 9 weeks to make a decision. See our project timetables below for an overview of the process.

Project Timetables

To better understand the process involved in preparing a project for the construction phase please see our project timetables below:

Permitted development or where planning approval is a formality:

View Timetable

Where planning approval isn’t a formality:

View Timetable
What happens if my planning application is rejected?

Over 95% of applications we made last year were approved, a figure which can be verified by viewing the planning section on local authority websites. We only propose designs that we are confident will be positively received by the case officer. If the application is rejected, we will revise the plans and resubmit, without applying additional fees. 

If a client wishes to apply for a design which we have advised is unlikely to receive approval, there may be additional fees involved if the application needs to be resubmitted. We always highlight this at the quotation stage. 

Can you recommend reliable builders?

Yes, we have contact details for reputable building companies who specialise in extension and renovation projects, as well as minor property renovations.

Which areas do you cover?

We are based in St Margaret’s and cover all areas within the borough of Richmond upon Thames as well as the majority of areas within the surrounding boroughs.

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