Design and Planning 

As with any project we undertake, we engage fully with our clients, taking the time to discuss their aims and objectives. Whether a client wishes to make an architectural statement with the exterior, or prefer their  addition to blend in with the existing roof , we make sure any design, internally and externally, works for them both practically and aesthetically. Our in depth knowledge of the planning system, including Permitted Development rights,  combined with input from our building regulations specialist in the early stages of design, ensure our proposals are not only positively received by the local planning authority but are also feasible, from a construction perspective. 

Building Regulations Approval

As well as having to comply with Planning rules, loft conversions are subject to Building Regulations approval which covers areas such as structural integrity, thermal efficiency and fire safety.  These specifications are submitted to the local authority or a private building control company either during the planning application process or in situations where Planning Approval is not a foregone conclusion, once it has been granted. Building and Planning regulations are very distinct from each other and are dealt with by separate departments. A design approved by planning may not comply with Building Regulations and vice versa. By combining the services of our building regulations and structural specialist with our architectural designer in the early stages of a project, we ensure any designs we propose comply with both and can be properly implemented at the construction stage. 

Party Wall Notices

Unless a property is detached, a loft conversion will almost certainly require a party wall notice to be served to adjoining neighbours. We advise our clients of their responsibilities under the Party Wall Act and if required can provide details of a specialist Party Wall Surveyor who can prepare the required documentation.

Project Timetables

To better understand the process involved in preparing a project for the construction phase please see our project timetables below:

Permitted development or where planning approval is a formality:

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Where planning approval isn’t a formality:

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