Property Design and Draw Projects

Extension design to maximise natural light

In the design of this extension we incorporated a glass apex above the patio doors. The property was north facing so it was important to maximise the amount of natural light entering the kitchen. Enhancing the view of the mature trees within the garden was another factor contributing to the final design.
The amount of glass used within an extension isn’t governed by planning regulations, however building regulations do place a restriction on the amount of glazing allowed. Our architectural designer and building surveyor work together in the early stages of design to ensure the options we propose not only comply with planning rules but will also comply when building regulations approval is required further along in the process. The software we use to calculate the glazing allowance for an extension is recognised by local authority building control and enables us to fully utilise the allowance.

Kitchen extension designs

Depending on the size and shape of your extension, a kitchen peninsula, like the one shown below, is sometimes preferable to an island, as it helps create a defined section of kitchen, naturally bordered by worktop and units. Depending on it’s position and the overall layout of the kitchen, an island sometimes creates a natural walkway through the main kitchen area, not necessarily a good thing if children are likely to race through the area where adults might be handling hot saucepans. Whilst the final design and layout of a kitchen is generally left to the kitchen supplier/fitter, we have an extensive knowledge of kitchen design options and can offer valuable advice in the early stages of an extension project, well before a kitchen designer becomes involved.

The kitchen extension shown below has a mix of white windows and dark doors. Dark door frames have been popular for a long time now and for good reason. As well as giving a contemporary feel, the dark frames accentuate the view of the garden beyond them.

Loft conversions within permitted development

When it comes to planning approval most loft conversions fall within the homeowners permitted development rights. However these rights differ depending on the type of property being converted. When designing your loft conversion, we can discuss the best options to help you utilise your rights in full.

Fully utilising glazing allowance

In order to comply with building regulations, extensions are subject to a glazing allowance, restricting the amount of glass which can be incorporated. By providing calculation sheets which specify more thermally efficient materials and insulation, the glazing allowance can be increased.
We produce these calculations using software recommended by Local Authority Building Control, ensuring the allowance is utilised to the full.